Today we’ll cook Viennese apple strudel

cap 8 servings    clock 1hour 30 min       runman477 kcal per serving

Traditional Austrian pastries. The finest dough, crispy crust and fragrant tender stuffing!

We will need the following ingredients

Raisin dark 100 g White breadcrumbs 50g Sugar (sand) 50 g
Lemons ½ pcs. Cinnamon powder 1 tsp. Sugar powder 10 g
Egg of chicken 1 pc. Almond 100 g Butter 15 g
Flour, wheat 300 g Peppermint fresh 5 g Creamy ghee 50 g
Rum dark 50 mlWhite breadcrumbs 50g Vegetable oil 45 ml Apples (160 g) 5 pcs.


Start cooking Viennese apple strudel

Raisin dark 100 g Egg of chicken 1 pc.
Rum dark 50 ml Vegetable oil 30 ml
Flour, wheat 250 g


First we take the raisins and fill it with rum. Raisins can be poured simply with water if there is no alcohol at home. After we begin to knead the dough into the dough, we lay the egg, vegetable oil and 3/4 cups of water. We start to mix everything up.

  • Flour, wheat 50 g
  • Vegetable oil 15 ml

Apples (160 g) 5 pcs. Almond 100 g
Lemons ½ pcs. Sugar (sand) 50 g
White breadcrumbs 50g Cinnamon powder 1 tsp.
Butter 15 g


During this time we make the filling. I clean my apples from the skin and seminal boxes and cut it not very large. I cut into 6 segments, and then each segment across thin slices 2-3 mm thick. Sprinkle with lemon juice so that apples do not darken. Grind the dried crackers slightly in butter until dry. Almond can be ground, and I just furiously pounded it in the mortar. Sugar is mixed with cinnamon. On the work surface we put the largest kitchen towel (better linen). We sprinkle it with flour, and then we pass the towel by hand, evenly distributing the flour. We take out the dough and start rolling it out.

When we roll the dough to a rectangle with a thickness of 3 mm, lay the rolling pin and begin pulling it with our hands, it stretches under the weight of its own weight. It is better to do this with the back of your hands, so as not to damage your nails. I started from the very middle and gradually moved to the edges, as if twisting it in an anti-clockwise direction. We stretch it out so that through it we can see the pattern on the towel.

  • Creamy ghee 30 g

After that, the dough is carefully smoothed and cut off excess thick edges according to the size of the towel. By the way, professionals do not have these thickenings at all on the whole surface of the test. Well, I will study …

Dough carefully grease melted butter and sprinkle with fried breadcrumbs. We put the stuffing – it should not reach the edge of the dough 2-3 cm, and at the end of the rectangle by 7-8 cm. On the breadcrumbs we evenly place the cut apples, the apples squeezed the raisins. Raisins sprinkle with nuts and sugar with cinnamon. Thus, it turns out that the bottom of the apples is cracked, and on top of the nuts, this will help to keep all the juice inside the strudel.

  • Creamy ghee 20 g

We begin to carefully wrap the strudel. Do this with a towel and help hands to make it smooth.

Turn the oven on 190 degrees. Grease the baking tray with butter. We transfer the strudel, again with a towel, onto the baking tray and lay it diagonally. You can still roll up the horseshoe. The edges are wrapped down. All our beauty is once again greased with melted butter.

Put the strudel in the oven and bake for about 40 minutes. You can lubricate 2-3 times in the baking process, then the crust will be more crispy.

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