Today we’ll cooking Strudel with cherry

Strudel with cherry

cap 8 servings    clock 2 hour       runman485 kcal per serving

Cherry strudel is beautiful: a juicy sweet and sour filling is hidden in the finest crunchy dough, and almonds favorably tastes the taste of cherries. Do everything according to the recipe and you will be rewarded with a delicious dessert. This recipe uses a frozen cherry seedless, which makes this recipe common all season and significantly saves time.

You will need

Cherry frozen 600 g Bread, wheat 50 g Sugar powder 50 g
Egg of chicken 1 pc. Almond 50 g Butter 105 g
Potato starch 5 g Vegetable oil 50 ml Salt ½ tsp.
Flour, wheat 300 g Sugar (sand) 150 g


  • Cherry frozen 600 g

Strudel with cherry (step 1)

Frozen cherries should be squeezed through a sieve, pour the juice into a bowl, we will use it.


Flour, wheat 300 g Egg of chicken 1 pc.
Salt ½ tsp. Vegetable oil 50 ml


Strudel with cherry (step 2)

in a bowl add flour add oil, eggs and add water add a couple of pinch of salt mix it until get a soft dough

Strudel with cherry (step 3)

We begin the process of kneading the dough, the surface needs to be oiled, and mix the dough with your hands for 7-10 minutes, it all depends on the intensity, the dough should not be very rough, you should get a soft, not very doughy dough, then wrap it in a food film and let it rest 30 minutes


  • Bread, wheat 50 g
  • Almond 50 g

Strudel with cherry (step 4)

Take dry bread, and grind it into crumbs, you also need to grind the almonds, you can also grind it all together in a blender

  • Butter 30 g
  • Sugar (sand) 100 g

Strudel with cherry (step 5)

We take the frying pan, lay 30 gr of butter, pour out our breadcrumbs from the bread and fry it all for 2-3 minutes, remove the pan from the fire, and add it to sugar and almonds, bring it all to a homogeneous mass

Strudel with cherry (step 6)

  • Butter 25 g

Strudel with cherry (step 6)

We take the dough, treat the working surface with flour and spread the dough there, the dough needs to roll out a little with a rolling pin, but not much, then stretch it to the transparency state with hands, lubricate the dough with 25 gr oil and leave only the edges evenly over the entire surface. Fried crumbs spread over the entire surface having deviated from the edge of 2-3 cm, this will be the top of the strudel

  • Butter 25 g

Strudel with cherry (step 7)

On the surface of the top crumbs spread out our cherries which we previously wrung out, bend the dough over the edges and begin to roll the dough, lubricate the butter dough after each turn, at the end we connect the seam and put it on the oven-tray


  • Butter 25 g

Strudel with cherry (step 8)

We bake the strudel in the oven at a temperature of 180 g for about 40 minutes, after the strudel is ready to be greased with butter.

  • Potato starch 5 g
  • Sugar (sand) 50 g

Strudel with cherry (step 9)

While our strudel is baked we will prepare the sauce, take the juice that we squeezed out of the cherry, add a spoonful of starch, sugar and bring to a boil, when the juice begins to thicken, it can be removed from the fire and let it cool down


  • Sugar powder 50 g

Strudel with cherry (step 10)

When the strudel is ready and hot, sprinkle it evenly with sugar powder

Strudel with cherry (step 11)

Put a piece of hot strudel on a plate, pour out gravy from cherry, lay a couple of ice cream pieces, you can serve to the table. Bon Appetit!

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