Today we’ll cooking Potatoes Baked With Beans

cap 5 servings    clock 1 hour       runman410 kcal per serving

Hooray, summer is not over yet and there are green vegetables in the garden! I cooked such potatoes without beans before, but after trying it with her, I realized that with the beans somehow and in color it is more fun and to taste more interesting.

You will need

Potatoes 500 g Green Beans Green 300 g Rosemary leaves ½ tablespoons
Cream 30-33% 250 ml Olive oil 50 ml Sea salt 1.2 tsp.
Hard cheese (Parmesan, Gruyer,
Pecorino) 100 g
Pepper black ground ½ tsp. Garlic cloves 4 pcs.


Potatoes baked with beans (stage 1)

Green Beans Green 300 g Garlic cloves 4 pcs.
Potatoes 500 g


Beans are washed, cut off hard ends, cut into more or less identical pieces – not very small. Peel potatoes and cut into slices. Garlic clean and cut into not very thin plates.

Potatoes baked with beans (stage 2)

Olive oil 50 ml Pepper black ground ½ tsp.
Salt sea 1 tsp.


In the baking dish pour olive oil, lay out the first layer of potatoes. We put on it garlic lobule, beans, and on it another layer of potatoes. Garlic again. Solim, pepper.

Potatoes baked with beans (stage 3)

  • Cream 30-33% 250 ml
  • Sea salt 0.2 tsp

Cream slightly whisked with salt and poured into potatoes. Cream can be any fat, calories on your conscience 🙂 If you do not want to do with cream, you can use even the broth. Or mix them. I had a gram of 100 vegetable broth (left after the risotto), so I mixed it with cream.

Potatoes baked with beans (stage 4)

Hard cheese (Parmesan, Gruyer,
Pecorino) 100 g
Rosemary leaves ½ tablespoons


We put in an oven heated up to 180 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. At this time, three on a large grater cheese (I had a pecorino, with two varieties: fresco and stagionato, ie quite fresh and already ripe: fresh – this one is white in the photo. But you can use practically any other cheese in this recipe. If there is no hard cheese, then you can take Emmentaler, for example. Cheese pour on the potatoes, on the cheese pour out the leaves of rosemary and bake for another 10-15 minutes. Check the potato so it is not damp.

Potatoes baked with beans (stage 5)

Done! Here I really like the beans in this dish: despite 40-50 minutes in the oven, it practically does not lose its color and is quite dense in taste. Such a full dinner in the summer, if you still make a salad. And in winter you get a good garnish, though if you can find the green beans.

Bon Appetit!

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