Today we will cook beautiful Gingerbread house

cap 1 servings    clock 1hour 30 min       runman2841 kcal per serving

Another gingerbread house in the collection of recipes. The dough is very suitable for the house: it does not deform, it keeps the shape well, and at the same time it is not hard, you can make gingerbread or cookies from it. The house is caramel, so it turns out very firmly and quickly. Decoration here at minimum: only protein glaze (aysing), confectionery sprinkling and a little marzipan.

Milk 30 ml Carnation 10 pcs. Baking Powder 5g
Egg white 1 pc. Ground ginger 1 tsp. Sugar (sand) 100 g
Egg of chicken 1 pc. Cinnamon powder 2 tsp. Sugar is dark brown (muskovado,
brown cassonade, etc.) 60 g
Lemon juice 5 ml Honey buckwheat 80 g Sugar powder 120 g
Flour, wheat 270 g Nutmeg grated ½ tsp Butter 50 g


Gingerbread house (stage 1)

Flour, wheat 270 g Nutmeg grated ½ tsp
Baking Powder 5g Ground ginger 1 tsp.
Cinnamon powder 2 tsp. Carnation 10 pcs.


Beforehand make of a paper all details of a small house. Do not forget to make the floor, because to it it is necessary to fasten other details. Flour sift with a baking powder and add ground spices.

Gingerbread house (stage 2)

Sugar is dark brown (muskovado,
brown cassonade, etc.) 60 g
Butter 50 g
Honey buckwheat 80 g Milk 30 ml


In a small pan, put brown sugar, put the butter and honey, pour 2 tbsp. milk. Heat, stirring, over low heat until all is mixed and a homogeneous syrup is obtained. Cool to room temperature or slightly warmer.

Gingerbread house (stage 3)

  • Egg of chicken 1 pc.

In a flour with spices, break one egg and pour in the cooled syrup.

Gingerbread house (stage 4)

Knead the dough. It will turn out smooth and obedient.

Gingerbread house (stage 5)

Cover the dough so that it does not dry out during operation, cut it off in small pieces and roll it out immediately on wax paper, so that when the test is transferred it does not deform. The thickness of the finished seams should be about 0.5 cm.

Gingerbread house (stage 6)

When cutting out details, try to arrange them as rationally as possible, so that more can get on the baking tray.

Gingerbread house (stage 7)

Transfer the cut out parts of the house to the baking sheet along with the paper. Bake in preheated to 200 degrees oven for 8-10 minutes.

Gingerbread house (stage 8)

Egg white 1 pc. Sugar powder 120 g
Lemon juice 5 ml


Cooled walls and a roof decorate with glaze. For the glaze, whisk egg whites with lemon juice thoroughly, gradually adding the powdered sugar. Put the glaze in a confectioner’s bag or just a tight package with a cut off corner and apply a pattern. Before gluing, allow the glaze to dry to avoid blurring the pattern.

Gingerbread house (stage 9)

  • Sugar (sand) 100 g

Glue the house with caramel.
Caramel is most conveniently cooked in a microwave oven. Just add 1-2 tablespoons sugar to the sugar. water and heat on high power for 2 to 5 minutes until the sugar completely melts and caramel becomes amber.

Gingerbread house (stage 10)

Collect the gingerbread house, glue all parts and allow to dry. From the same test, you can make just gingerbread or small houses without a floor for decorating cups (in the background).

Gingerbread house (stage 11)

Inside the house you can put a lighted candle for a while (!). Observe the rules of fire safety and do not leave the house with fire and unattended.

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