Fish cake

Fish cake

cap 2 servings    clock20 min       runman1147 kcal per serving

A great lunch idea for busy housewives. And if you still have cooked rice from yesterday’s dinner or dinner, then consider that lunch you will manage faster than usual at times. This is the recipe that you do not want to talk about much, you just have to do it.

You will need

White fish fillet 300 g Flour, wheat 30 g Vegetable oil 50 ml
Spinach 100 g Rice of jasmine 400 g Salt ½ tsp.
Egg of chicken 2 pcs. Paprika in flakes 3 tsp.


Fish cake (step 1)

White fish fillet 300 g Paprika in flakes 2 tsp.
Egg of chicken 2 pcs.


Fish cake

For the preparation of delicious fish minced meat, any fish fillet will do. So, put a fish fillet in the bowl of the blender, preferably cut into pieces. Baste the eggs and add the dry paprika is a coarse grind. It will add not only a taste to the dish, but also a beautiful texture.

Fish cake (step 2)

Spinach 100 g Salt ½ tsp.


Fish cake

Spinach leaves rinse under running water, tear into pieces and add to the fish fillet. In the recipe, you can use frozen spinach. Salt to taste and turn on the blender for a couple of minutes.

Fish cake (step 3)

  • Flour, wheat 30 g

Fish cake

Add the flour to the total mass. I put 1,5 tablespoons and it was enough. Maybe flour will need more. It all depends on its type, the humidity of the fish fillet, the size of the eggs. The stuffing should get pretty thick.

Fish cake (step 4)

  • Vegetable oil 50 ml

Fish cake

In the hot oil lay out all the stuffing, leveling it in the form of a cake. Cover the frying pan with a lid and fry without stirring on a small fire for about 4 minutes.

Turn over with shovel the fish cake to the other side and continue to fry on the other side.

Rice of jasmine 400 g Paprika in flakes 1 teaspoon


Fish cake

You can stuff such a fish cake with any porridge. Ideally, this is, of course, rice. Combine the finished rice with the paprika and stir.

Fish cake (step 7)

Fish cake

Put the fish cake on a dish. For half the cake, lay out all the rice and cover it with the second half of the cake.

Fish cake

Approximately so you should get. You can serve this kind of fish stuffed with rice with any sharp sauce. I have a home tkemali here.

Fish cake

I gave the number of ingredients in two portions. Before serving, cut the cake into several pieces and you can serve the table.

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