Today we’ll cook Chocolate sauce for beef steak

cap 3 servings    clock 15 min       runman99 kcal per serving

Chocolate sauce to the steak – maybe it sounds unusual, but it’s worth it to try to cook it. It turns sour, with pieces of onions, marinated in wine vinegar and a spicy a piece of rosemary. Of all the sauces I made, this one I liked the most

We will need

Onion (100g) ½ pcs. Rosemary leaves ½ tablespoons Wine vinegar 20 ml
White dry wine (table) 125 ml Sugar (sand) 10 g Chocolate bitter 70-80% cocoa 30 g


Chocolate sauce for beef steak (step 1)

Onion (100g) ½ pcs. Chocolate bitter 70-80% cocoa 30 g
Rosemary leaves ½ tablespoons White dry wine (table) 125 ml


It is better to prepare the ingredients in advance, because we will cook the sauce just while the steak will “reach” in a warm place.

Finely chop the onions, should be a tablespoon, chop the rosemary in a mill or cut if fresh. Chop the chocolate into pieces or crush, measure out half a glass of wine. You can add a sweet wine, then you do not need to add sugar.

Chocolate sauce for beef steak (step 2)

  • Sugar (sand) 10 g
  • Wine vinegar 20 ml

On the fat left after roasting the steak, fry the onion for 1 minute. Add wine, sugar and then wine vinegar. Let it leave for 2-3 minutes with continuous stirring. Put rosemary and keep cooking. The sauce should be slightly evaporated, i.e. decrease in volume, but not much. When we add the chocolate it will thicken sufficiently.

Chocolate sauce for beef steak (step 3)

Put in the chocolate pieces and let them melt. Ready sauce can be put in a sauce bowl and served with a steak, which just had time to warm up properly.

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