Today we’ll cooking Cherry cake with marzipan

cap 12 servings    clock 20 min       runman374 kcal per serving

It’s a good idea to bake a cake in the cherry season. But when there are no fresh cherries, it is also very good with canned cherries. I still could not find good fresh cherries, so I took good canned. But the main thing in this cupcake is not even cherries, as it seems to me, but the dough: a large amount of butter, marzipan, eggs and yogurt make it so soft, and the crust is so crispy … I still lick when I remember our Sunday feast with him

We will need 

Cherry 400 g Wheat Flour 370 g Sugar (sand) 150 g
Natural yoghurt 250 ml Vanilla sugar 15 tsp. Butter 200 g
Egg of chicken 5 pcs. Baking Powder 10g Salt ½ tsp.


Cherry cake with marzipan (stage 1)

Butter 200 g Vanilla sugar 15 tsp.
Sugar (sand) 150 g Salt ½ tsp.


Soft butter should be beaten with sugar, vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt to a homogeneous cream consistency. Shake up at the lowest speed of 5-7 minutes.

Cherry cake with marzipan (stage 2)

  • Wheat Flour 370 g
  • Baking Powder 10g

Sift flour together with a baking powder.

Cherry cake with marzipan (stage 3)

Cut the marzipan into small pieces and add to the sifted flour. Marzipan needs to use the simplest, no flavor additives, the so-called crude marzipan – it’s just a mixture of almond mass with sugar.

Cherry cake with marzipan (stage 4)

  • Egg of chicken 5 pcs.

Add the eggs one by one to the oil mixture, whilst continuing to beat it at the lowest speed.

Cherry cake with marzipan (stage 5)

  • Natural yoghurt 250 ml

Now you can carefully add to the oily-egg mixture flour with marzipan and yogurt. The dough can be beaten with a mixer for another minute. I used yogurt with a fat content of 3.9%, you can choose the fatness to your taste.

Cherry cake with marzipan (stage 6)

  • Cherry 400 g

Add the cherries to the test and mix now is not use a mixer, but use a spoon. Cherries must necessarily be without ossicles and as dry as possible, no extra juice is needed in this recipe. I wrung out the juice from the cherries, and then put them lie down on the paper napkin for about 15 minutes before adding them to the test.

Cherry cake with marzipan (stage 7)

Turn the oven on 150 degrees. We cover the form with baking paper and fill it with a dough. I used a shape of 28 cm x 7 cm (height) x 9 cm (width). The dough fills it completely, and when baking it rises well.

Cherry cake with marzipan (stage 8)

Bake the cake for at least 90-100 minutes, the test is better to test with a knife: if the dough does not stick to the knife, then it’s ready. We take out of the oven, let it cool for about 20 minutes and put it on a plate. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy not counting the calories. There are a lot of them in this cupcake, it’s true 🙂 but how delicious …. We had a very hot on Sunday and we decided to try it with an experiment with vanilla and chocolate ice cream – it turned out just a fantastic high-calorie bomb

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