Today we’ll cooking Cake Zaher

cooking Cake Zaher

cap 8 servings    clock 1hour 30 min       runman648 kcal per serving

This cake was invented by a young chef Franz Sacher at the time. At the moment, this cake is considered the most delicious and refined in the Viennese Cuisine. They say that the real recipe of the cake is kept in strict secrecy, but even the recipes have leaked to the masses and the ingredients have become known, today we will prepare the Cake Zaher(Sacher Torte), but you can try the original cake in Vienna in Otel Zaher

You will need

Egg white 5 pcs. Apricot jam 150g Milk chocolate 50 g
Egg yolk 5 pcs. Honey linden 20 g Dark chocolate 50-60% cocoa 250 g
Corn starch 50 g Sugar (sand) 250 g
Flour, wheat 50 g Butter 200 g


  • Butter 200 g
  • Sugar (sand) 100 g

cooking Cake Zaher

Cream butter, add sugar to it and mix everything thoroughly

  • Egg yolk 5 pcs.

 Cake Zaher

Take the egg and remove the yolk from the protein, we are need only the yolk, which we add to the bowl with oil and also mix

  • Chocolate dark 50-60% cocoa 100 g
  • Milk chocolate 50 g

cooking Cake Zaher

Now we take the chocolate and melt it to the liquid state, when the chocolate cools down, add it to the mass with yolks and butter and mix it all until become liquid

  • Egg white 5 pcs.
  • Sugar (sand) 100 g

cooking Cake Zaher

Now we need to whip the protein with sugar to the air state, add another pinch of salt


cooking Cake Zaher

Now we connect two our mixtures, the protein mass and chocolate all this is mixed to a homogeneous mass

  • Flour, wheat 50 g
  • Corn starch 50 g

cooking Cake Zaher

Add corn starch and flour to our mix, mix it all up to a thick mass, when the dough is ready, put it on a baking tray, which must also be processed with flour or cocoa, bake for 60 minutes at 160 g. Readiness can be checked with a wooden stick, piercing the cake, if the stick will be without a test, this will signal that the cake is ready and can be taken out of the oven

cooking Cake Zaher

Ready biscuit should be turned over and put on a plate, it takes time to cool down and stay in shape, do not crumble

  • Apricot jam 100 g

cooking Cake Zaher

Now the task is more complicated, we need to gently sever our biscuit in half, you can use either a long knife or a metal string for the dough. The one part you need lubricate apricot jam on the whole surface

  • Apricot jam 50g

cooking Cake Zaher

The second half should be greased with a warmed jam, which we will melt beforehand and pass through the colander to be without lumps. And we connect both pieces and house the remaining jam without lumps, and let it stand a long time for several hours until the jam completely cools and solidifies

Sugar (sand) 50 g Honey linden 20 g
Chocolate dark 50-60% cocoa 150 g


cooking Cake Zaher

Now we will cook the sugar syrup to fill the cake. Take 50 to 50 water and sugar, add honey and chocolate and mix until the mass becomes sticky

cooking Cake Zaher

Cover the cake with chocolate and let it stand a long time
to make the chocolate harden. All the dessert is ready.

Bon Appetit!

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