Anzac cookies

Anzac cookies

cap 22 servings    clock 40 min       runman147 kcal per serving

What motivates you when choosing a dessert. Simplicity of its preparation? Or maybe you want to cook something strange and even exotic? Learn new technology? Or maybe it should be something very fast but with a big result? Some of these questions do not bother at all, as they do not rack their brains, they simply open a notebook with home recipes and choose one that will undoubtedly bring satisfaction and joy to all households. When I decide what to cook, then all these questions come to mind and undoubtedly wins the one that most corresponds to my tastes. Namely my mood prompted me to do something very simple and tasty. My choice fell on New Zealand cookies Anzac, easy to prepare and also very tasty and fragrant. The cookies consist of coconut shavings, oat flakes, molasses or maple syrup, sugar and butter.

You will need

Wheat Flour 150 g Coconut shavings 80 g Soda for food 3 g
Oatmeal flakes thin 150 g Sugar (sand) 130 g Salt ¼ tsp
Maple syrup 40 ml Butter 130 g


“Anzak” cookies (stage 1)

Butter 130 g Maple syrup 40 ml


"Anzak" cookies (stage 1)

Butter melt on low heat, when it melts add maple syrup and water (50ml).

“Anzak” cookies (stage 2)

Coconut shavings 80 g Sugar (sand) 130 g
Wheat Flour 150 g Soda for food 3 g
Oatmeal flakes thin 150 g Salt ¼ tsp


"Anzak" cookies (stage 2)

In a separate container, mix together coconut chips, flour, oat flakes, sugar, soda (1 tsp) and salt.

“Anzak” cookies (stage 3)

"Anzak" cookies (stage 3)

Liquid ingredients are poured into dry ingredients.

“Anzak” cookies (stage 4)

We mix all the ingredients well with a wooden spoon, the dough turns out to be lumpy and heterogeneous, but it should be so.

"Anzak" cookies (stage 4)

From the dough we make balls with the size of a walnut and put it on a baking sheet with baking paper. Each ball needs to be slightly flattened. Bake at a temperature of 180 degrees, about 20 minutes, until golden brown.

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